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Gonville Sustainability & Green Policy

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Our Green Policy

Gonville Hotel in Cambridge recognises that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local, regional, and global environment. We are committed to reducing any harmful effects on the environment and in working with reputable associations, we aim to understand, follow, and implement best environmental practices wherever possible.

We encourage our employees, suppliers and guests to be environmentally aware through initiatives such as recycling and trying to be energy efficient.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to prevent landfill waste and improve recycling by reviewing how supplies and equipment are purchased, packaged, delivered, used and disposed of while complying with all applicable environmental legislation.

Gonville Hotel has a ‘Green Committee’ which is responsible for monitoring, implementing and moving forward with the ongoing action plan to deliver our commitment.


Green Committee

The Gonville Hotel is on a mission to pro-actively work to become more sustainable. With this in mind, we have signed up to the Green Tourism certification programme to help us to promote a greener, cleaner environment, for people, places, and our planet..

We want to act responsibly and for sustainability to become second nature in our day to day operation. Becoming a member of Green Tourism is a brilliant first step to getting greener.


Learn more about Green Tourism below:


Please ask a member of the team if you have any questions or feedback on the hotels ‘green journey’ and to find out all about how you can get involved.

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