Jazz nights

Jazz Events

For jazz events at the Gonville Hotel, you can expect a sophisticated and lively atmosphere with Robin Phillips performing a variety of jazz styles. Guests can enjoy smooth melodies, improvisational solos, and a vibrant ambiance that is perfect for relaxing or socializing. Whether it's a regular jazz night or a special event, the Gonville Hotel offers a unique experience for music enthusiasts and guests looking to unwind in style. 

Saturday 20th April | 2:30pm- 4pm

Jazz Afternoon Tea

Indulge in a delightful afternoon of elegance and entertainment at Gonville Hotel. Join us for a sophisticated afternoon tea experience accompanied by live jazz music, creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Let the smooth sounds of jazz serenade you as you unwind and socialize with friends and loved ones. Elevate your afternoon with our unique blend of culinary delights and musical enchantment.

Reserve your table now for an unforgettable afternoon.


Jazz nights at Gonville Hotel
The Atrium Bar

Friday Live Jazz Nights

In association with Robin Phillips & Repmusic, Gonville Hotel is the home of Jazz and the place to be on Friday nights in the city.

Music starts at 7pm and finishes at 9pm with Robin Philips and guests each week. Enjoy a cocktail and the smooth sounds of Jazz, courtesy of Gonville Hotel.

Everyone is welcome to turn up and enjoy the free jazz while sipping cocktails. No need to book. Why not make an evening of it and bring your friends?

Vocal jazz nights
The Atrium Bar

Saturday Live Vocal Jazz

Every Saturday, Robin Phillips is joined by guests from across the jazz spectrum to provide the slickest vocal jazz soundtrack to your Saturday evening.

The performance takes place in the Atrium Bar. All our jazz nights are free for locals and residents to enjoy. Come with family or friends and sip on cocktails while enjoying the smooth sounds.