Murder Mystery Nights

Step into a world of mystery and suspense at the Gonville for our Murder Mystery Nights! Immerse yourself in an interactive experience where you become the detective. With carefully crafted settings, character dossiers, and thrilling plotlines, you'll unravel clues, interrogate suspects, and solve the ultimate whodunit. Perfect for groups, team-building events, or a fun night out, join us for an unforgettable evening of intrigue and excitement!

Peaky Blinders
Thursday 9th May 2024 | 7pm - 10pm

Murder at the Gonville | Peaky Blinders

Chief Inspector Chester Campbell arrives in Birmingham, to clean the streets of crime.

The Shelby family run the streets.

Tommy the head of the family believes himself to be untouchable, Aunt Polly (Elisabeth) hides a secret, Tommy’s sister Ada is facing some trouble and just who exactly is the new pretty face, Grace, behind the bar at the Gonville?

Characters based on the TV show Peaky Blinders, but an original story for our audience.

Someone will die! But who? 

Someone did the killing! But who?

That’s for you to work out in this 1921 story set in Birmingham.

Tickets - £45pp including a 3 course meal and arrival drink. To book, please enquire below or email restaurant@gonvillehotel.co.uk.

Thursday 8th August 2024 | 7pm - 10pm

Murder at the Gonville | Shakespeare

The Capulets are holding an old accustomed feast that some Montague boys are crashing in the hope of meeting some pretty ladies.

When all are gathered, a direful murder is committed whereupon Montagues and Capulets are two families both alike in suspicion!

All words are by the great Shakespeare himself, but not necessarily delivered in the order he originally proposed.

Tickets and menus coming soon.