Wellness therapy Hot Stone Massage


Designed to help restore and soothe the mind body and soul, our Wellness Therapies use specific light touch massage, making them suitable for cancer patients, those on intensive medication.

Carefully selected products to target skin related side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation treatments and other strong medications.

Massage is known to have an extremely positive effect on the mind and body during periods of stress. Allow us to provide a much needed healing touch to restore an emotional equilibrium.


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Rose And honey Facial

Rose and Honey Harmony Facial


Emotional stress, tension, depression and lack of ‘me’ time reflects in the skin giving it a dull, placid appearance, increasing the signs of ageing and redness which can leave the skin dry and sensitive. This stunning and intensive therapy uses the essence of flowers and plants in a concentrated formula with a highly active anti–stress action. With petals of Gaelic Rose and extract of the Arctic Rose, Black Rose, White Rose and the Nepalese Rose your skin is soothed, hydrated and nourished, whilst breathing in the natural scents of roses provides a relaxing sense of wellbeing.

A healing and calming facial for tired, sensitive, or stressed skin.

Aloe and Mint treatment

Aloe and Mint Cooling Body Therapy


Light touch body and scalp massage.This gentle therapy combines the power of semi-precious stones to restore harmony to the mind, with a gentle cooling massage to soothe the body. Rose hip oil soothes, nourishes and reduces irritation. Your therapy is completed with a de-stressing scalp massage to aid relaxation. Ideal after radiation therapy.

Scalp Massage

Calming Hand Foot and Scalp Therapy


Chemical treatments can cause extreme dryness on hands and feet whilst stimulating hair loss. This therapy is designed to counteract these problems.

Your therapy begins with a gentle exfoliation on the hands and feet.
A deeply hydrating mask is then applied to relieve extreme dryness and dehydration.
Finally, completely relax and unwind with our revitalising scalp massage

Body Scrub

Phytocare Baobab Body Ritual


Your ritual begins with a gentle full body exfoliation using baobab seed shells. A soothing lymphatic massage with Baobab oil will then provide the skin with anti-inflammatory nourishing and hydrating benefits.
To complete your experience our relaxing scalp therapy will revitalise the hair and soothe the scalp.